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To become a more ethical and environmentally conscientious retailer. Dedicated primarily to the community, providing the best one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pieces

Sab Faro Collectives was founded in 2017 with a philosophy that focuses on community, craft indigenous rights and sustainability.

For the past several years, we have been devoted to the UN #SDGGoals

There are 17 goals that will be achieved through various activities such as economic development, social inclusion and environmental protection.and we will continue to strive to achieve these 17 goals, with a focus on community rather than individualism.

  • Mix Of Metals

    Mix Of Metals is a contemporary minimalist jewelry company created in Bali, Indonesia by a family of artisans at a studio in Gianyar. Komang, the owner, is the primary breadwinner for her family, which includes two teenage children who are still in school.

  • Objects Of Curiosity

    Bali is the most recent episode in a lifelong artistic journey that has taken Daphne from her birthplace in Brittany, France, across the four corners of the world.

    She studied drawing, painting, and sculpture in the School of Fine Arts, in Le Mans.

  • Jare Jana

    Originating from Ancient Java, (Surakarta and Yogyakarta) Tenun lurik Indigenous motifs are always a combination of stripes or checks.

    Lurik is not well-known in the West, and it is one of the numerous Indonesian traditional weavings that is in danger of extinction.