Heart Of Heaven Foundation Uganda and Sab Faro Collectives Collaborations

Heart Of Heaven Foundation Uganda and Sab Faro Collectives Collaborations

Without a doubt the pandemic has been detrimental to countries, communities and the badly affected. As an empathetic humanitarian, my heart goes out to mother Africa. Africa was one of the first few projects I worked on, and she has never left my heart. I believed it was my civic duty to dedicate my blessings to my ancestors, who are most likely from this region.


A collaboration with Hearts Of Heaven Uganda community  and my retailer business Sab Faro Collectives can be seen here. These were personally designed by me as a starter project and they are have crafted by their community artisans using beads and wire. All of the artwork is created by hand and is carefully constructed in a sustainable and ethical manner.


Sab Faro Collectives' purpose is to help the community by providing direct wholesale for a variety of products. We hope that by working together, we will be able to alleviate poverty and support the community. Your support can  provide food for them, medical aid, education, create jobs etc.


I reach out to everyone to lend their support. Rather than buying quick fashion, support organizations like ours. I assure you that your funds will not be used to assist a business owner in purchasing a second residence.


And For all of us struggling through this pandemic, my wish is that we will stand in solidarity and emerge stronger with a renewed faith that together supporting one another, we can overcome anything.




Sab Faro



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