Prabasthani Orphanage Handiwork

Prabasthani Orphanage Handiwork


Prabaswara Tista Thani (Prabasthani)
is a non-profit organization that focuses to make the world a better place for the children. PRABASWARA TISTA THANI FOUNDATION is an Orphanage Foundation home for more than 69 children starting from newborn age 0-19 years old, started at Desa Baran Alas Gede, Kel. Ngingit, Malang East Java – Indonesia and lately expanded to Bali – Indonesia. This is a non-religion affiliated orphanage foundation, running and caring for the unfortunate children is our ultimate goal. The children are giving the right to choose their own faith according to their likeness. We are a non profit organization dedicated to serving the Educational, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children. We work primarily in Java and Bali but also work with orphans and vulnerable children in Indonesia. Its our biggest wishes to have the chance to help the children all around the world.

These transparency of their handiworks are on the website and they are on sale currently.  The skills which they picked up at the foundation is creative art, handcrafted work, hairstyling and many more. I hope you can support these kids as much we we do.

Currently, we are hoping to build a facility with compete utilies, classrooms, dormitory for them and their goal is to raise at least USD$200,000. The fund-raising page needs a lot of help and with progress, we can make this happen!

Thank you!



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