Social Impact And Sustainable Development Goals

Social Impact And Sustainable Development Goals

The objective of Sab Faro Collectives is to promote community wellness and well-being, particularly in Bali. Given that the pandemic has claimed many lives and caused the majority of people to lose their jobs, goverment aid assistance is hardly in sight.

Our objective is to make the link between humanitarianism and business as transparent as possible.

 Our goals in this company is to:

1. Reduce hunger/poverty in community

We show our solidarity by establishing a food bank through our channel, and we invite the underprivileged or those in need to come through and pick up their food packaging at our stand. This event will take place every two weeks until the community picks up.

2. Providing medical/aid funds to badly needed.

We hope to set-up a fund-raise or medical fund for the medically needed or those who are medically in need of treatment.

3. Creating spiritual harmony in community.

For those who understands spirituality knows that through healing mediation as a collective we can combat misfortune or bad effects of the environment a well as self. We have held space for the community during these past few years although with the pandemic, this was not made possible with many challenges. With consistent healing sessions which has positive impacts to each individual, we can be a wholesome community.

4. Providing community support & jobs:

As we grow as a community and as a company, we hope for an expansion so we can create jobs and opportunities strengthening the infrastructure of the community in need. Through this practice, we can rebuild the economy with sustainable practices in line.

5. Create sustainable projects in line with ethical practices:

Collaborations with other brands, organizations and practices can lead to bigger endearments and and impacts on the community. 


Our community. Our social responsibility

Sab Faro Collectives ethos and pledge is to reflect and support the communities we operate in. Alongside global support through foundations, we as a community aspire to drive local, social and environmental impact across the globe. 



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