Collection: Comolo Art

Loved to draw since je was a kid, influenced by (mostly) japanese cartoon that he watches on tv and a fairytale that my parents used to recount to him…This duality peaked his interests into a culture slowly being eroded by western influences yet still retains much of its tradition and heritage. 


His artwork is one of kind, where he pushes and challenges self by trying to create a different character everyday. His medium consist of many materials such as  cardboards, canvas, printed and scraps…in addition,  he creates customized canvases that match the personality of each character in an attempt on turning a trash into art object

says Comolo: “My process of works usually starts when some idea sparks in my mind,and then i made the base of the look,researching some materials by adding some details and decorative elements, to make it more appealing and pleasing my mind and then perfecting it to the final work, and a little meditation will do too.” 

All artwork are Illustrations by Indonesian artist Comolo from Jakarta Indonesia. 


Comolo Art

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