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placing Plastic Water Gallons with Terra Ceramic Filters was the best decision I had ever made!

As an environmentalist, I was troubled by the usage of plastic packaging to package drinking water, and I imagined the tons of plastic we use to package our water supply, which is extremely harmful to Mother Earth, and at the rate our climate action is going, every effort counts.

Allow me to explain why these ceramic filters are a good investment for your home, property or establishment:

Environmental sustainability:

Ceramic filters exhibit better environmental performance for 4 of 5 evaluated life cycle impacts including energy use, water use, global warming potential and particulate matter emissions (PM10). For smog formation potential, the centralized system is preferable to the ceramic filter technology.

Social sustainability:

Ceramic filters reduced diarrheal incidence by 64% among the general population and by 71% among children under five. Ceramic filters are also effective in reducing waterborne diarrheal illness among adults with HIV. These filters also offer good cultural acceptance by the virtue of their convenience and health benefits. They also offer good robustness and resiliency because there is less likelihood of post-treatment recontamination during normal operation and the risk of widespread service disruption following natural disasters is significantly reduced.

Economic sustainability:

The ceramic filter technology is less expensive and three times more cost effective than the benchmark and also delivers better cost-effectiveness when accounting for reduction in diarrheal illness. It exhibits a ‘very cost effective’ water treatment intervention.

This convergence of social, economic and environmental criteria offers clear indication that the ceramic filter technology is a more sustainable choice for drinking water treatment.

Dm us on how to purchase this today!

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Terra Water Filter

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