About Us


P.T Sab Faro Collectives is a forward-thinking slow fashion social impact business/ retailer based in Bali  who focus on community, social and environmental sustainability. 

Sab Faro, an activist and current IB and Global Politics and Policy student, was inspired to start the slow fashion retailer in 2017 after witnessing how individualism and the degradation of personal sovereignty have ripped the community's social fabric apart.

The goal is to build a strong community and promote independent, sovereign artists, designers, and craftspeople while also maintaining culture and protecting indigenous history without misappropriating it.

The place where we intersect, rising against economic disparities collaborating as a collective to dismantle individualism, as well as political dysfunction will bind us together and strengthen us like a symbiotic rhythm- The intersection at which we meet one another authentically.

Finally, the importance of slow fashion to P.T Sab Faro Collectives cannot be overemphasised. By promoting sustainable and ethical practices, the company is helping to transition the fashion industry away from unsustainable practices. It is this type of contribution that ensures P.T Sab Faro Collectives will continue to be a leading player in the slow fashion movement for years to come.

Our company is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our CSR program with the non-profit orphanage Prabasthani Thista Thani in Java. We have pledged to support the foundation's orphans with a share of our earnings and to offer healthcare in remote places.

To a world that is healthy, conscious, and blessed!




Far, Sab Faro