Sustainability Framework

We have pride ourselves in the involvement and practice of sustainability to reduce negative footprints as well as growing a positive impact with our climate pledge.

It is evident that incorporating regenerative actions to our sustainability pledge will benefit greatly towards our environment and climate enabling us to reduce carbon footprint one day at a time.

 - Adopted some sort of corporate social and environmental responsibility with the broad purpose of simply contributing to the well-being of the communities and societies collaborating with community clean up rivers and mangrove planting.

- Our recycling program with an organisation in Bali. We take pride in recycling efforts where excess are being recycled into and eco-friendly reusable product.

- Dead stock or excess from brands to clear their stock and reselling them on our portal (circular efforts)

- Rentals promoting the circular recycling effort to reduce overproduction.

- Fashion overproduction differs from post-consumer garment waste in that it occurs when a corporation intentionally produces more products than it sells. We do not condone that, unless brands are able to show us that they are making great progress towards more sustainable textile solutions and ethical practices, we will consider the consignment.

Sab Faro