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NIBIRU by Natasha Wiggerman

NIBIRU by Natasha Wiggerman

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The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin inspired this digital artwork by Natasha Wiggerman, one of her most prized fav derived from the idea of ancient NIBIRU.

"This planet was very advanced once collided with pieces of earth. And thus sprinkled its bioparticles to us. Which made our evolution so much faster and more intricate.

And ancient Nibiru is my own interpretation of how life was back in time when Nibiru was still a newborn planet."


Artwork title: Ancient Nibiru
Artwork size : 30 x 25 cm
Artwork Material: Matte photo paper
Year of art creation: 2020

Part of the proceeds of  this artwork will be donated to our Prabasthani charity.


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