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Ketut Disability Art 4

Ketut Disability Art 4

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Artists with disabilities face significant challenges when competing for work and recognition with non-disabled artists, and this is due to widespread public ignorance about the difficulties associated with certain disabilities. The public can be extremely cruel when an artist happens to have a disability; they will frequently misinterpret their work as being sub-par or as mocking those with disabilities.

In October 2022, P.T Sab Faro Collectives was able to raise funds for our artist Ketut, who was born with disabilities, as well as his two other brothers, through personal leveraging, encouraging him to continue his prominent work. Despite his difficulties, Ketut draws inspiration from his own struggles and creates art that helps others understand and accept people with disabilities.

His works address his experiences directly without posing or sensationalizing his disability in order to entertain or inspire others. Instead, he uses his disability to better understand people on both sides of the disability spectrum, including himself.

The arts are a form of expression that can help us understand and form opinions about various topics such as beauty or disability.

While much progress has been made over the years, there is still much work to be done to promote inclusion for people with disabilities in the arts.

P.T Sab Faro Collectives continue to be prominent in promoting inclusivity in which no one is left behind.

 I Ketut Budiarsa is a disabled artist from Ubud, Indonesia. He was born disabled and works with a group of brothers who are also disabled. 

Despite dealing with difficult subjects, his work is compelling and honest, making it easy for viewers to understand and appreciate it regardless of their own experiences or knowledge of disability issues in general.

Why not make an impact and buy some art from Ketut that will not only feed his family but also the community?


Title: Broken heart size:100×150cm material:acrylic on canvas









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